Swim Gear

Swimming Gear

Get ready for a fun-filled pool or beach day with amazing kids' swim gear products! Equip your little swimmer with kids' goggles, swim caps and even kickboards for working on pool swimming technique. Let you child experience the underwater world with kids' snorkels, including masks and breathing tubes. 

If your children are just learning how to swim, give them encouragement with flotation aids. For younger kids, floatation suits work well by using buoyant foam or inflatable inserts that can be removed as their skill increases. Swim vests and kids' life jackets help with their water safety or when joining the rest of the family on a boat ride. Simple arm-ring floaties also do the trick by keeping children's heads above water and teaching their bodies proper swimming position. The best-selling Stearns Puddle Jumpers offer great floatation in colorful suits featuring your child's favorite animal or character.

With everything from goggles and caps, to flotation devices and pool toys, your children are guaranteed to have a good time. Brands like Sporti, Speedo, TYR and Aqua Leisure offer quality kids' swim gear products to ensure your child enjoys safe, water-filled fun.