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Team Clothing

Represent your swim team with pride with the high quality and affordable swim team apparel available at SwimOutlet - the web's most popular swim shop! From shorts, tops and tees to see you through cardio training or travel; to parkas, hoodies, robes and pullovers that will keep you warm and cosy between races and practices. We offer a range of high quality styles from some of the most highly regarded brand names in the business, and we offer a customization service so that every garment can brandish your name proudly on the front or back!


The two most important aspects for women's swim team clothing are: That the garments are made from high quality fabrics that will hold up throughout training and competition seasons, and that they are available in a wide variety of color combinations so that you can fit in with the rest of your team. All of our garments come from top names like Speedo, Sporti, Arena, Nike, Dolfin, Mizuno, Finis and more, so you can be rest assured that each piece has been built to last.


The majority of our swim team clothing on offer is available in a variety of color combinations, including popular blue, red, purple, green and gold tones.


Customization available


When it comes to women's swim team clothing items like parkas, robes, t-shirts, hoodies and jackets, many teams expect you to customize your garments with your name. That's why we are proud to offer an affordable personalization service that uses embroidery or tackle twill, with options to have your name printed in a font of your choice on the front chest area of your women's neoprene swim jacket. We offer this service for an added $10 dollars per garment, making it an affordable way to personalize your team clothes.


We've got the whole team covered


With our expansive range of sizing and age groups, you can be rest assured that the whole team is covered here at SwimOutlet. We offer many of our parkas, hoodies and t-shirts in sizes starting at XXS, going all the way to 4XL, so no one needs to be left out. Our swim team swimsuits for girls are also available in youth sizes. The sizing may differ depending on the brand, so we recommend that you always consult the sizing guide before going ahead and adding an item to your basket.

What should I wear for competitive swimming?

Typically, female competitive swimmers will wear a woven fabric swimsuit in the water that leaves their legs and arms bare, ensuring minimal drag as they move through the water. Between training and races, many competitive swimmers choose to wrap up warm in a swim parka or robe - often made in their team's colors.

Where can I customize my swim team clothing?

We offer quick and affordable custom swim team apparel here at SwimOutlet. For an extra $10 per garment, you can get your name on the front chest of your swim parkas, robes, t-shirts and more. Swim teams often prefer that the members of their team have their name on their clothes, but this service can be costly when you go to local embroiderers.