Women's Swim Team Warm-Ups

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Staying warm before, after, and in-between swim training and races is hugely important. Wearing the right clothing will not only keep your body warm and comfortable, it will also keep your muscles warm for better performance and recovery. No one understands that more than us here at SwimOutlet, which is why we stock an expansive range of women's swim team warm-ups.


Our range of women's swim team warm-ups includes jackets and pants in various styles, materials and colors - all from top brands in the swimming world, such as Nike, Speedo, Dolfin, Arena, Adidas, and Under Armour. These brands are widely-respected by swimmers across the world for their high quality, long-wearing, and stylish garments. We stock some of their very best styles, ensuring you look and feel great at every training session and competition.


Whether you prefer a soft jersey or flannel warm-up pants, or a more traditional ripstop polyester style - we've got styles that will have you and the rest of your team looking competition ready. 


Personalized warm-up jackets


Amongst our range of warm-ups are warm-up jackets that can be customized with each team member's name on the chest. Personalized warm up jackets ensure everyone on the team looks professional, feels like an athlete, and is instantly recognizable to other people at the competition. However, garment customization can be expensive, especially when it's for the whole team. That's why we are proud to offer affordable customization here at SwimOutlet, at just $10 per garment. Simply choose your warm-up jacket in your team colors and tick the box to "personalize this item". 


Inclusive sizing that's got the whole team covered


When shopping for swim team warm-ups, it's important to know that the warm-ups are available in inclusive sizing suitable for everyone on the team. At SwimOutlet, our women's warm-ups range in size from XXS to 3XL, so no one will be left out. However, do bear in mind that size options will naturally vary from one brand to the next, so it's important to check out the size guide before adding an item to your basket.

Do all warm-up jackets have hoods?

Not all warm-up jackets have hoods, but those that do may be suitable for colder climates where swimmers are conscious of their wet hair reaching freezing temperatures when they step outside. It's a personal choice whether you prefer a warm-up jacket to have a hood or not, but we stock jackets with and without hoods here at SwimOutlet.

What are warm-ups?

Most swim teams will wear some sort of "warm-ups" before they get ready for the pool. These warm-ups are usually a jacket and pants set, a bit like a tracksuit. They are comfortable and warm, and can be customized for your team so that everyone matches. If you live in a warmer climate where the cold isn't much of an issue, then you may choose to wear a lightweight warm-up set. While those in colder climates wear warm-ups made of heavier, warmer materials like wool.

Where can I customize my warm-ups?

SwimOutlet offers affordable customization for warm-ups, allowing you to add your name to the chest of your warm-up jacket for just $10.