Swim Caps

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Do I want a silicone or latex swim cap?

Silicone Caps: Thicker, more durable, and gentle on hair and skin. Ideal for long hair and those seeking longevity. More expensive.
Latex Caps: Thinner, more elastic, and provide a tighter fit, suitable for competitive swimming. More affordable but less durable and not suitable for latex allergies.
Choose silicone for comfort and durability or latex for a cost-effective, tighter fit for competition.

Do swim caps keep hair dry?

Swim caps primarily reduce drag and protect hair from pool chemicals, but they're not fully waterproof. Your hair may still get wet, especially under silicone caps, which offer a better seal than latex or fabric caps.

Will a swimming cap keep water out of ears?

Swimming caps aren't designed to keep water out of your ears. For better ear protection, combine them with earplugs. Some caps offer more coverage over the ears but aren't foolproof.