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Solid, Color Block & Customizable Swim Team Parkas
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Here at SwimOutlet, we understand that one of the most important garments for water-based athletes is not necessarily what they wear in the water - but what they wear when they are out of the water! There's nothing worse than getting warmed-up and primed for a race, only for your body temperature to start plunging while you are waiting around on the sidelines. Swim Parkas will keep you warm between races and training, keeping those muscles warmed up and ready to go again once it's time to dive back in.

The range of women's swim parkas we stock at SwimOutlet offer the highest quality parkas from top industry brands - for unbelievably good prices! Have a browse and you'll find top names supplying the swim parka: Speedo, Sporti, TYR, Dolfin and A3 Performance - all available in colors to suit your team and the option to add personalization. Whether you and your team prefer minimalist swim parkas with a splash of color inside the hood, or cool color block patterns and stripes - you'll find the fleece-lined swim parka to suit you and your team here.

Swim parkas for the whole team

A swim team always looks their most competition-ready when they are wearing matching swim clothing. That's why we welcome bulk orders here at SwimOutlet, ensuring the entire team will have the same color and style swim parkas. We also offer the option to personalize each swim parka with the swimmer's name on the chest, at a reasonable rate of $10 per parka. Ordering a swim team's customized parkas from the same place will ensure everyone in the team feels like they fit in.

We also offer the option to order your A3 Performance custom parka with your team's unique design displayed across the whole jacket. This allows every swimmer on the team to loudly represent their team any time that they're out of the pool, looking professional and like they mean business. We ask that the minimum order for these custom parkas is 12 units, and you can expect the final product to be delivered within 4 to 6 weeks.

Team-inclusive sizing

It's important that everyone on your swim team feels included, that's why we offer an extensive range of sizing options for our women's swim parkas. We offer the adoretex swim parker in both adult sizing and youth sizing, and our sizes range from XXS to XXL - so everyone can have a swim parka that they feel comfortable in.

How do you measure swim parka?

You can use a measuring tape to find out your swim parka size, taking accurate measurements across the chest, and from the shoulders to the knee. You can then consult the size chart to see which size parka will fit you best.

How do you wash swim parkas?

Swim parkas do not need to be washed regularly, but you can freshen your used swim parka up by hand washing it with a gentle fabric-safe cleanser. Avoid using bleach or fabric softeners that could ruin the parka's material.

What is the point of a swim parka?

If you swim in competitions, there is no doubt that a swim parka is worth the investment. Swimmers don't perform as well in the water when their body and muscles are cold. A swim parka will help you stay warm after your warm up, so you're ready to hit a new personal best when it's time to dive in!