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Among our wide selection of swim team apparel at SwimOutlet, you can find an expansive range of men's swim team shirts that include stylish graphic tees and team pride shirts. Our range includes some of the very best brand names in the business, such as Sporti, Speedo, Dolfin, Arena, and Adidas, so you know you are getting a high quality product that will take you from training to competition with ease. 


The swim team shirts we offer include plain shirts in a huge variety of colors, meaning that you'll have no trouble finding a shirt in your team's colors. What's more, we offer the option to get your shirt personalized with your name - ideal for kitting out the whole team with matching gear. From polo styles, to round necks and crew necks, you're sure to find a shirt to suit your style.


Spirited slogans


Nothing says team spirit like a slogan on the front of your t-shirt, and SwimOutlet is proud to offer a wide selection of slogan t-shirts for all occasions. From slogans that represent your competition-ready fighting spirit, to slogans for proud dads of a competitive swimmer - you're sure to find a slogan that suits you and your style. These t-shirts are also suitable for casual wear, allowing you to tell the world that you're an accomplished swimmer whether you're shopping at the mall or working out at the gym.


Big names for affordable prices


SwimOutlet stocks world-renowned brands that have long been favored by competitive swimmers, from Speedo to Adidas. These brands offer some of the highest quality and most popular styles in the industry, and we are proud to offer them at unbeatable prices. We also offer a selection of long sleeve, short sleeve, and sleeveless shirts from our own SwimOutlet brand, providing quality garments in a rainbow of colors. This makes it easy to find shirts that match your team colors and allow you to express your team pride for a great price!

Can I wear swim team shirts even if i'm not on the swim team?

Many people wear swim team shirts just to express their support for the team, even if they don't swim competitively. SwimOutlet offers a range of shirts with supportive slogans, including t-shirts for proud parents of a competitive swimmer.

What do swim teams wear to swim meets and competitions?

Swim teams like to represent their team with the clothes they wear at swim meets and competitions. This may mean wearing swim parkas, warm-ups and hoodies in their swim team's signature colors or emblazoned with the logo. It may also mean wearing t-shirts, hoodies and sweats that match their team's colors.

What do swimmers wear to practice?

Swimmers typically wear a pair of jammers or a streamlined bathing suit during their swim practices, wrapping up warm in a robe once they are out the pool. Before and after practice, you'll often see swimmers wearing t-shirts and hoodies in their swim team colors. This shows others that they are part of the swim team, and allows them to represent their team spirit.