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Are you new to the world of scuba diving? It can be overwhelming figuring out where to start. We offer a wide variety of gear for both novices and experts alike. Even if you're interested in simply snorkeling off the tropical waters of your next beach vacay, we've got you covered.

Choosing the Right Gear

When it comes to choosing the right snorkeling and scuba gear, you can't go wrong with trusted brands like Cressi or U.S. Divers. Of course, household brands like Speedo offer more colorful, stylish options suitable for the casual snorkeler. For your convenience, we've prepared a FAQ for all your snorkeling and scuba diving questions.

How long can you stay underwater with a snorkel?

The answer depends on what kind of snorkel you have. Full face snorkels with no tube or external oxygen supply can quickly run out of air. You shouldn't spend more than 1-2 minutes underwater with this kind of mask. Traditional snorkel masks with tubes above the surface can be used indefinitely, provided the user isn't feeling faint or dizzy. Some divers choose to hold their breath, dive deeper, then return to the surface for a short period to recycle their air.

What are the 3 types of snorkels?

When it comes to most snorkeling and scuba gear, there are typically three types of snorkels: dry, semi-dry, and classic. Classic snorkels are the most basic (essentially a tube), but dry snorkels have a valve system to prevent water from getting into the tube.

What is the best snorkel for diving?

The best snorkel for diving depends on a number of factors, including how deep you plan to dive, if you'll be bringing oxygen tanks, and how often you plan to surface. Those interested in light free diving and surface level snorkeling may opt for a full face snorkel mask. This enables the user to have a small supply of oxygen readily available at the back of the helmet/surface of the water. For more involved scuba get ups, an ordinary goggle mask will suffice, as this frees the mouth for your respirator.

What is the most important equipment in snorkeling?

The most equipment in snorkeling just might surprise you: your lungs! Second to that is your skin. It may sound silly, but your skin is a natural barrier for your body and protects you against water pressure, bacteria, and more. A high quality wet suit will protect you in and out of the water.

What should I look for when buying a snorkel set?

When buying snorkeling and scuba gear the biggest thing to look for is good reviews. A set may look promising, but only a diver who's taken it out into the water can tell you if it holds up or not. Other things, like brand reputation and safety standards, are important to consider.