Girls' Swim Parkas

Solid, Color Block & Customizable Swim Team Parkas
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A swim parka is an essential part of any competitive swimmer's arsenal, keeping their muscles warm and ready to dive in for their next race. No one knows this better than the team at SwimOutlet, which is why we stock a wide range of swim parkas for youth - including high quality styles from world renowned brands. Whether you're looking for your favorite TYR swim parka, or want to browse top Nike swim parkas for youth, you'll be glad to find a variety of respected brands in our collection.


Our girls' swim parkas come in a wide variety of color combinations, making it easy for you to find a colorway that fits in with the rest of your swim team. From classic styles that come in all black with a pop of color in the hood, to color block patterns that will definitely make a statement poolside - there's a style to suit everyone and every swim team.


Affordable personalization


Swim teams often ask that their swimmers have their parkas and warm-ups personalized so that they'll be competition-ready. However, going to an embroiderer can be a lengthy and expensive process. That's why we make personalization easy with our option to have your name put on the chest area of your parka for an extra $10. We also offer the A3 Performance Youth Parka with the option to have the entire parka customized with your swim team's logo. This option is only available for a minimum of 12 orders at a time, which is ideal for those looking to kit out their entire swim team.


Sizing to suit the whole team


It's vital that a team looks competition-ready with the same gear, looking as much like a complete unit as possible. However, this can be hard when you can't get the same parka in sizing that suits everyone. That's why many of our parkas are available in both adult and youth sizing, and our youth parkas are available in sizes from XXS to XL. Before choosing your swim parka, use a soft measuring tape to measure the chest area and the length from shoulder to knee. Then consult our handy size guide and see which size your measurements convert to. 

Are swim parkas waterproof?

Yes, swim parkas are made from a waterproof fabric on the outside to ensure any splashes do not affect the swimmer inside. The inside is lined with a moisture-wicking fleece to ensure that the swimmer does not begin to feel cold and damp.

Can you wash a swim parka?

You shouldn't put a swim parka in a washing machine, however if you feel the need to freshen yours up you can wash it by hand. Use a sponge, warm water, and a little detergent to softly get any marks out of the fabric.

How do you measure swim parka?

You can measure yourself for a swim parka by taking a measurement across the chest, and measuring the length from the shoulder to the knee.

What is the point of a swim parka?

A swim parka is used by swim teams between their warm up and race in order to keep their muscles warm and ready to perform.