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Triathlon Clothing

SwimOutlet stocks a huge range of triathlon clothing to see you through your most grueling training sessions and your most successful races. From tri-top and short combos, to complete tri-suits with a range of sleeve lengths - we stock the highest quality triathlon apparel at the very best prices!


Triathlon clothing is designed to get you through each leg of a triathlon without you having to make any compromises on performance or needing to take time to get changed. Whether your personal preference is a tri suit, or you find you're more comfortable in separate triathlon garments, at SwimOutlet you can find high-performance pieces from all of your favorite triathlon clothing brands. We stock Zone3, Orca, Sporti, TYR, ROKA, Zoot, Huub, and many more. Have a browse and remember to check the size guide before adding your triathlon gear to your basket.


Great mens tri suit deals


An all-in-one tri suit can be a big investment, especially for those who are just starting out on their triathlon journey. However, any triathlete will tell you that it's the sure-fire way to get the most out of your race. It's padded to protect you on your cycle, while not weighing you down with as much padding as traditional cycling shorts. Furthermore, everything is quick-drying so there is no excess moisture holding you back while you run or swim. The bottom line is that it will save you time, and boost your performance - and when you shop with SwimOutlet a high quality tri suit doesn't have to cost you the earth. Browse our great deals on a range of styles and find your next tri suit today.


World-renowned brands


SwimOutlet is proud to offer one of the widest selections of triathlon clothing on the web, so you can expect to find products from your personal favorite brands - or maybe our great deals will tempt you to try a brand you haven't bought from before! Brands like Orca, TYR, Sporti, Desoto, and Zone3 are all favored among some of the most successful triathletes, and we're happy to provide some of their best products for up to 75% off. Whether you just need some new men's triathlon shorts for your training sessions, or a complete suit ready for your next race - you can expect your new clothing to last through even the most rigorous wear and tear.

Do you need a wetsuit for a triathlon?

A wetsuit is only mandatory for triathlons that involve open water swimming. Triathlons that involve indoor swimming can be completed in a swimsuit.

What do men wear in the water portion of a triathlon?

If your triathlon involves open water swimming it is mandatory to wear a triathlon wetsuit, while indoor swimming can be done in a swimsuit. Most male triathletes choose to wear a tri suit as this can be worn on every leg of the race.

What do you wear to a triathlon without a tri suit?

If you don't have a tri suit to wear to a triathlon, you can wear a swimsuit, sports bra and shorts. A lot of beginner triathletes do this before deciding to invest in a tri suit.

What should I wear for Ironman?

For an Ironman triathlon, the best thing to wear is a tri suit as this can be worn for cycling, running and swimming. There's nothing to take off and you'll remain aerodynamic for every stretch of the race.