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Whether you're an athlete that wants to get the most out of their training sessions, or a casual gym-goer that wants to look and feel the part - our range of women's athletic clothing at SwimOutlet offers the highest quality apparel for unbeatable prices!

When it comes to moving your body, the right gear can be the secret to better focus, performance, and recovery time. That's why we offer an extensive range of workout clothes, sports bras, base layers, compression garments, hoodies, headwear, jackets, socks, and more - all from the very best brand names in the game. If you're looking to freshen up your gym wardrobe, or need something new for running, cycling, yoga, pilates, or your training sessions, check out our current offerings from women's athletic wear brands like Sporti, Free People, Asics, Under Armour, Body Glove, GORE and many more.

From matching leggings and top combos in a range of colors to make a statement at the gym, to yoga pants so comfy you'll want to wear them everywhere, as well as casual tees and hoodies in a range of styles and sizes. If you're on the hunt for cute workout clothes, SwimOutlet has something that will have you feeling fresh and ready to go.

Sports bras with style

The right sports bra will have you feeling confident, comfortable and supported, but it's so hard to find one that feels right!

At SwimOutlet, we offer an extensive selection of sports bras from the best workout clothes brands in the business, known for their snug fits and customizable levels of support. Narrow your search based on the level of support you seek - we stock styles with removable cups, soft cups, molded cups, and underwires. Or opt to narrow your search based on the back style you prefer - whether that be a strappy back, cross back or racer back. Whatever your size, you can be rest assured SwimOutlet stocks a sports bra for you. We stock sizes XS to XXL, and everything from an A to G cup.

Next level accessories

Our range of women's athletic clothing includes a variety of accessories to boost your performance. We offer thermal base layers that'll get you through those cooler climate workouts, as well arm coolers that'll lower your body temperature and protect you from UVB rays on hot days in the sun. We also offer a wide selection of compression sleeves that are designed to stabilize your muscles, increase oxygen blood flow, and ultimately improve your recovery time.

How do I choose athletic clothing?

Wearing the right clothes to the gym will help you feel comfortable and get the most out of your workout. For women, this usually means wearing a sports bra that offers enough comfort and support to get your through some rigorous exercise, as well as a breathable t-shirt that keeps you cool, and bottoms such as leggings that don't restrict your movements.

What are women's workout clothes called?

Women's workout clothes typically include sports bras, capri leggings, yoga pants, track shorts, gym leggings, as well as sweat shorts, sweatshirts and t-shirts.

What is considered athletic wear?

Athletic wear is a general term used to describe garments worn for sports, training and exercise. This may include tracksuits, gym leggings, sports bras, breathable t-shirts, and even hoodies and sweatshirts.

What is the best athletic wear brand?

Some of the most globally recognisable athletic wear brand names are Nike, Adidas, Asics, and Under Armour. However, everyone has their own favorites depending on their tastes and requirements. You may find one brand makes sport bras that fit you just right, while another brand makes a style of yoga pants that sculpt your body in all the right places.