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About This brand

In 2004, Karen Allard, Founder and CEO of SBR Sports, was a competitive triathlete and USAT coach who specialized in triathlon swimming. She spent so much time in the pool and ocean that she needed a salon-quality, after-swim hair and skin care line to remove the harsh chemicals she was marinading in for countless hours every day. At the time, there was only a cheap drug store shampoo for swimmer’s hair and at the other end of the spectrum was an expensive, well-known salon brand that claimed to remove the Chlorine but was really a “clarifying shampoo” that would dry the hair out more. This led to hiring a chemist to formulate a premium quality shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and lotion that also had the most sequestering agents in the formula to remove Chlorine, saltwater, Bromine (found in hot tubs), and hard water minerals while adding vitamins, proteins, botanicals and Keratin. It was then that TRISWIM was born. The name came from a combination of the two sports she loved.

TRISLIDE, FOGGIES, DERMASPORT and SKIN SLICK soon followed as products that served a purpose. Athletes know that they are receiving a product that has been carefully thought out and produced using the highest quality of ingredients while keeping the products affordable for all to enjoy.