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Women's Swim Team Jackets & Vests

Keeping you warm and stylish, the women’s swim team jackets & vests are perfect for practicing in. These lightweight convertibles provide superior protection from chilly early morning sessions or those cooler days at practice!


The jackets & vests are made with a comfortable and stretchy fabric that allows you to move freely, while the full-zip front provides easy on and off. The high collar protects your neck from the cold, and the two zippered pockets keep your belongings safe and dry.


SwimOutlet takes pride in the large selection of women's team tops and hoodies and pullovers, ideal for athletes of all sizes. Choose from various styles, colors, and brands, including TYR, Speedo, Arena, Under Armor, FINIS, Dolfin, and more.


Women’s Swim Team Jackets & Vests for Your Needs


When choosing a swim team jacket or vest, it is important to consider your personal needs and preferences. Swim jackets make perfect sense for those who tend to feel cold during their swim workouts. Otherwise, if you are someone who gets overheated easily, a vest may be a better option since it will not cover your entire torso and arms. Both swim jackets and vests can be easily layered over swim bras and tanks.


When it comes to fabrics, you will find that most swim jackets and vests are made from Lycra, spandex, or a polyester/nylon blend. These deliver a snug, comfortable fit that lets you feel and look at your best before or after your swim workout.


Different Types for the Modern Woman


Most swim jackets for women come in two different styles: the traditional jacket and the sleeveless vest. The traditional swim jacket is a full-zip style with long sleeves and a high collar. It is often made with a heavier, more insulated fabric to keep you warm. This type of jacket is ideal for cold weather or outdoor practice sessions.


The sleeveless vest is a more recent style of jacket that has become popular for its lighter weight and breathability. This vest is often made with thinner fabric materials and can be worn in all kinds of weather. It is ideal for indoor practice sessions or warm weather competitions.


No matter your style, SwimOutlet takes into account the latest trends to bring you the best swim team jackets and vests. With a variety of colors, styles, and brands to choose from, you don't have to worry about wearing boring, dull-colored jackets and vests anymore!


The Details Matter


While all swim jackets and vests provide some level of warmth and protection from the elements, some details make certain jackets and vests better suited for your swimming activities.


The weight of the fabric, the fit, the type of zipper, and the length of the sleeves are all important factors to consider - and we've made sure to take all of these into account when selecting our swim jackets and vests. We also understand that not everyone is the same size, so SwimOutlet makes sure that we have a variety of swimwear sizes for you to choose from. 


Be fashionable and stylish and rock your look in a modern swim team jacket or vest - great for in and out of the water. Shop SwimOutlet's extensive range of collections and enjoy deals up to 50% off on selected items!