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Triathlon Clothing

Female athletes training for a triathlon know that the clothes you wear need to support you on every leg of the race - cycling, running, and swimming. Whether you are a beginner training for your first ever triathlon, or an Ironman champ looking for high-level performance gear, SwimOutlet offers an expansive range of women's triathlon kits for incredible prices.


At SwimOutlet, we know that there's no time for changing outfits during a triathlon, so you're going to need garments that bear all three sports in mind. We offer tri-suits, shorts, swimwear and more, all of which are designed for high performance in and out of the water. With our gear from top triathlon clothing brands like Sporti, Zone3, DeSoto and Orca - you'll be ready to push boundaries and reach new levels of success!


Ergonomic Tri-suits


The tri-suit is the only piece of clothing that can go with you on every leg of a triathlon - it's the holy grail of triathlon gear! At SwimOutlet, we offer a selection of high quality, high performance tri-suits in a variety of styles. Whether you prefer a sleeveless tri-suit that allows for maximum movement, or longer sleeves that will keep you warm in a cooler climate, you'll find exactly what you need.


Our range of tri-suits are made from durable materials designed to last through each and every one of your training sessions, no matter how demanding they are! They boast a second-skin, ergonomic fit that moves synergistically with your body, while also offering quick-drying qualities that ensure maximum comfort. Whether you want to stand out during the race in bright colors and funky patterns, or prefer to go incognito with sleek, minimalist designs, you'll find women's triathlon clothing to your tastes at SwimOutlet.


Inclusive sizing


When buying triathlon clothing you'll want to invest in garments that provide optimum levels of performance, this includes choosing a tri-suit or women's tri-shorts that fit your body perfectly. At SwimOutlet, we understand the importance of inclusive sizing, especially when it comes to training or competing in a triathlon.


Our range of triathlon clothing for women is available in sizes ranging from XXS to XXL, and we also offer several adjustable options that allow you to get a snug and comfortable fit. Every brand's sizing will work differently, so we recommend you check out the size guide before adding to the basket!

What do female triathletes wear?

A triathlon involves three very different sports: cycling, running and swimming. So, triathletes have to wear garments that allow them to move seamlessly between each of the sports without wasting any time. Many female triathletes choose to wear a base layer of a swimsuit, with a sports bra underneath for added support, and cycling shorts on top for the cycling leg of the race. However, a lot of professional triathletes opt for a tri-suit, which is a suit designed to take them through each leg of the race comfortably.

What do I need for my first triathlon?

Before your first triathlon, it's vital to consider the temperature of the water during the swimming leg of the race. If you are anticipating that the water will be cold, you will require a wetsuit to keep your body at a comfortable temperature. A triathlon wetsuit is not like a surfing wetsuit, it is much lighter and ergonomic - ideal for running and cycling. A tri suit may seem like a big investment if you are new to triathlons, but it is essential for races where the cold water could significantly halt your performance.

What do pro triathletes wear?

Pro triathletes typically opt for a high quality tri suit, as it is designed to offer the best results during a run, swim and cycle. Tri-suits typically offer some padding on the rear to ensure a female is comfortable on their bike. The padding is lightweight, making it suitable for running and swimming. While the fabric is moisture-wicking and quick-drying so that water build-up doesn't weigh them down.

What is the best women's tri suit?

The best women's tri-suits are short sleeved or sleeveless. Sleeveless allows for maximum movement while swimming and running, while short sleeve styles provide sun protection to your shoulders.