Lifeguard Bags

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Lifeguard Bags

Lifeguard Bags


A lifeguard has a very important job - and one too many tools of the trade to carry them around in their hands. A lifeguard sling bag exists because of that!

At SwimOutlet, we don't want you to worry about anything other than keeping everyone at the pool safe. Waste no time looking for your CPR mask or lifeguard whistle - and keep it all in one place, your lifeguard rescue bag!


An essential bag for all essential items


It's key to note lifeguard bags have plenty of room to fit everything you need. They are easy to carry around and feel comfortable to the touch.

As you can see, we have plenty of options available for you in our store: different sizes, styles, types, and everything else you can think of. Whether you want a lifeguard first aid bag or anything else, we have it for you.


Many colors, one purpose


The traditional lifeguard bag comes in red - but you will also find other colors, such as blue or black. Our goal is to provide you with plenty of options so you can match your personality and style, whether you're buying a swimsuit for the summer or a bag for work. More importantly, we want you to find the right bag for you in one click.


Different bags for different jobs


You'll find a wide variety of lifeguard brands, colors, and styles - as well as different bags for different purposes. Are you looking for an intubation bag? A first aid kit? An EMS backpack? It doesn't matter - because we have it! And you're one click away from purchasing the lifeguard bag you want and need.


Get everything you need in one click


Are you a novice lifeguard? Or, perhaps, someone with plenty of experience who needs to get his lifeguard bag essentials again? Well, don't worry! Our wide range of options includes lifeguard bags that come with everything you need for the job. And if you already own everything but the bag - you can buy the one you like separately too! Check our store to find what you need.

Is lifeguard a brand?

Lifeguard is an officially licensed and trademarked brand, however the word "lifeguard" is also used on many items of lifeguard apparel and accessories. Typically, if you see someone in a shirt and with equipment that is emblazoned with the word "lifeguard" - it means that the person is a lifeguard on duty, ready to patrol the pool or beach.

What should a lifeguard pack?

Every lifeguard should carry a lifeguard rescue bag in the form of a hip bag or fanny pack. When it comes to what you should put inside, typical lifeguard bag essentials include first aid supplies such as gloves and a first aid kit, a pocket CPR mask, a spare whistle, and tissues and wipes. You can also carry optional items in your bag such as sunglasses (helpful when on patrol at an outdoor pool), and sunscreen.