The Ultimate Guide To The Benefits of Swim Snorkels

January 22, 2024

The Ultimate Guide To The Benefits of Swim Snorkels
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If you’re an experienced swimmer, you’ve likely used a swim snorkel in a workout. If you’re newer to the sport, you’re probably wondering what a snorkel can do for your stroke and why it’s become such a common piece of equipment for swimmers and at swimming pools worldwide.

Swim snorkels are one of the most unique pieces of swim gear on the market, and while some swimmers use them frequently, others often don’t use them at all --simply because they don’t know how.

This guide will educate you on the benefits, and purpose, of using a snorkel during a swim set. Hint: they’re not just to observe sea life and underwater coral (although, that’s fun too).

Contrary to popular belief, swim snorkels aren’t much different than recreational snorkels used for snorkeling in open water. Both serve the same purpose: to allow you to breathe without having to lift or turn your head for air. So, what makes snorkels so great for swim training?

First and foremost, by eliminating traditional breathing you are able to work on breath control and build your lung capacity at your own pace. You can do so by only inhaling and exhaling when completely necessary, as opposed to turning your head every three strokes out of habit.

Second—and speaking of strokes—swim snorkels allow you to really hone in on and perfect your stroke. Without taking the time to breathe, and interfering with your stroke, you can get a better sense of balance and feel for the water. By eliminating the extra movements it takes to breathe, you’re practicing a quicker turnover, and better core rotation, which ultimately makes you faster in the water. Isolating this part of your swimming can be crucial to taking that step from novice to a more experienced overall swimmer.

Third, swim snorkels help with positive body positioning. A lot of swimmers tend to lift their heads ever so slightly before turning to breathe, which interrupts your momentum. Wearing a snorkel allows you to keep your head down during the entire swim. Additionally, having the snorkel as a headpiece forces you to keep your head even and straight, which helps promote better body positioning as a whole.

Lastly, wearing a swim snorkel allows you to keep a steady kick. Often times, turning to breathe mid-swim throws off the flutter kick pattern of swimmers. By wearing a swim snorkel, you can focus on quick, consistent kicks without having to readjust after turning for air. Occasionally using snorkels for kick sets is a good idea if you’re looking to increase leg strength, and is a fun way to switch things up!

These are four key reasons why you might want to incorporate a swim snorkel into your training and workouts. At the end of the day, regardless of why you’re using a swim snorkel, it’s a great piece of equipment with many benefits. Whether you’re just beginning, or a more experienced swimmer, there’s bound to be a swim snorkel that will fit your needs and help you get the most out of your swimming. 

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