Choking Manikins

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Choking Manikins

Ensure your team is fully trained to clear blocked airways and save lives with SwimOutlet's affordable rescue equipment like choking manikins, oxygen unit,CPR manikins and first aid kits from the industry's top brands. Choking is an incident that does not discriminate. It can happen at any time, in any place, and to adults, adolescents, children, and infants - and if the obstruction is not efficiently removed, choking can be fatal. Learning to aid choking victims of all ages can be the difference between a life and death situation, so make sure your team is fully clued up on their lifesaving skills by practicing with high quality, realistic dolls of all sizes.


Great deals on the highest quality equipment


Choking is an exceptionally common emergency that you and your team needs to be prepared for, but choking manikins can come at a significant cost. This is for good reason too, as every manikin needs to be realistic enough for students to accurately practice life-saving techniques such as CPR, the use of AED, and the Heimlich maneuver. That's why we're proud to offer unbeatable deals on multi-packs of the industry's highest quality equipment. 


Our multi-packs include both adult and infant-sized choking manikin, each one durable enough to withstand 10,000 student usages, and they include a large quantity of lung bags to ensure that the manikin's chest rises and falls in the same way a victim's chest would in a lifesaving scenario. Each manikin is made from a foam-based construction and comes with a protective carrying case, making them handy, lightweight, and easy to carry from A to B.

Can you get different size choking manikins?

CPR manikins are available in a range of sizes to simulate adult, adolescent, infant, and even obese bodies. Choking does not discriminate and can happen to any person of any age, so it is important to know how to treat people of all ages and sizes. For this reason, it's important that you supply your life support education classes with a range of dolls. SwimOutlet offers great deals on choking manikin multi-packs that include both adult and infant sizes.

How do you set up a choking manikin?

First of all, choose which choking object to practice with and remove any other objects from around the neck of the manikin. Lay the choking manikin in the correct manner for your chosen practice technique and place the chosen choking object in its mouth. Gently use your finger to press the choking object into the very back of the manikin's airway. You are now ready to start your lifesaving practice.

How to use an adult choking manikin?

Once the choking item is lodged at the back of the airway, students must pay attention to the anatomical landmarks on the choking manikin and decide where to place their hands. The students should then make a judgment for how much pressure to apply to the torso, repeatedly doing so until the choking object has successfully been expelled from the manikin.

What is a choking manikin?

CPR manikins are especially designed for basic life support education. It features a life-size head and upper torso to be used for the practice of chest thrust, abdominal thrust, and back blow techniques. They can also be used to practice CPR, AED, and the Heimlich maneuver. They are intended for use as instructional aides to teach and demonstrate how to remove an obstruction in the airway.