Waterproof Cases & Packs

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Paddling puts you in the realm of the wet and dry. Whether you kayak or stick to a paddle board, you spend your time on the surface of the water and occasionally getting splashed. Longer adventures require more gear, or sometimes you want to bring electronics for music or photos with you, but not all your items can handle water. Waterproof cases provide a solution to your predicament. 

You can enjoy the benefits of bringing media devices and extra non-waterproof fuel with you by stashing it in a waterproof case. These cases close securely over their contents. They are made out of waterproof material to ensure no drops reach your things. 

We have a variety of waterproof cases tailored to paddle sports. some are made strictly for small electronics. Others can carry larger items including clothing, food, lotions and more. Choose one to suit your needs from quality brands like AquaPac, LifeProof, DRY PAK and OverBoard.