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Staying warm when you are fresh out the pool is a vital part of performance and recovery, and our women's swim team robes are the perfect way to wrap up and get cozy! Whether you are staying warm between training sessions or don't want to catch a chill on the walk to the car, these plush swim robes will stop your muscles seizing up in the cold. 


We offer a range of swim team robes at SwimOutlet, with styles suitable for everyday training sessions or recreation, as well as smart and customizable swim team robes that will look professional between races! Some robes have an appearance similar to a hoodie, with a zip that runs up the front and a drawstring to adjust the hood. This style is more popular for casual use, perfect for tossing on after a weekday training session While other fitness robes look more like a traditional robe that you may use as loungewear at home. However, these designs are often given an athletic appearance with racing stripes and sporty logos. These robes have a more formal look that is better suited to competitions and tournaments.


Whatever style you prefer, we only stock the best at SwimOutlet, featuring pieces from world class brands like Speedo and Arena. These brands continue to be popular among swim teams due to their reputation for high quality and long-wearing garments.


High quality fabrics


When you think of what you require in a swim robe; comfort, warmth and durability are likely to be at the top of your list. For that reason, you should look out for fabrics like french terry and cotton. French terry is a popular material for robes in and out of the world of athletics, largely due to its soft, moisture-wicking qualities. French terry feels soft and fluffy on the skin, while actively drying up any moisture left over on your skin from the pool. Furthermore, the fabric dries itself so you don't need to worry about feeling dry and cold. Cotton is another popular choice for robes due to its ability to absorb water quickly.


In addition to wanting your robe fabric to be comfortable and warm, you may also want to consider opting for a fabric with a UPF rating. UPF works similarly to SPF in sunscreen - it keeps the sun's harmful rays away from your skin. If you swim outdoors or reside in a sunny location, wearing a robe with a UPF rating of 50+ will ensure sunburn is stopped in its tracks, especially when your skin is wet and particularly vulnerable to the sunlight.

What are swim robes used for?

Swim robes are wrapped around a swimmer once they get out of the pool, and they may be used as a shield to get changed beneath. Some swimmers throw on a swim robe to stay warm on the walk back to the car, while others simply use them to help towel themselves dry.

What is a swim robe?

A swim robe is a toweled robe used to help swimmers warm up and dry off once they get out of the pool. These robes are sometimes also called changing robes or dry robes.