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About This brand

Archies Arch Support Flip Flops were designed by Daniel Jones, a Private Practice Physiotherapist from Melbourne, Australia.

While working as a physio, Daniel found himself continually warning his patients who required support to stop wearing typical flat flip flops. Despite his best attempts to advise patients to wear more supportive footwear, this would almost always be ignored, as flip flops are simply a way of life in the Australian summer!

The realization soon set in that at the time there were no orthotic flip flops on the market that adequately catered for the younger demographic who care about their health and fitness, and none that Daniel would wear himself! Furthermore, the price point of many of the available options was somewhat greater than what his patients would expect to pay for a typical flip flop.

After realizing there was a gap in the market, at 26 years of age, Daniel Jones set out to create a flip flop that not only offered orthotic support but one that he and his mates would happily wear. It was his goal to create an orthotic flip flop that any health and fitness conscious individual could happily wear to and from training, after a game of sport, down the street, to the beach, or just socializing with friends.

Daniel Jones also attempted to eliminate many of the other design flaws of 'regular flip flops' such as them often having a loose strap, having no heel elevation, and having straps that are made from hard plastic which commonly causes irritation and often breaks at the toe pole.

He started his initial prototypes in his Nan's and Pop's shed and after five years of extensive testing, research, and development with input from some of Australia's leading podiatrists and physiotherapists, Archies Arch Support Flip Flops were born!