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Swim Parkas

Any competitive swimmer knows that a swim parka is an essential part of swim races and tournaments. The specially insulated jacket helps keep a swimmer's muscles warmed up between races, not only making sure that they are ready to dive in and smash their next race, but also promoting better muscle recovery in the long term. At SwimOutlet, we appreciate how much a good swim parka can affect your racing capabilities, which is why we offer an incredible selection of men's swim parkas from some of the sport's favorite brands.


With parkas from renowned brands like Speedo, Sporti, Arena, TYR, and Dolfin, you can be rest assured that the quality of the fabrics used will enhance both your comfort and performance. We also offer every parka in a wide range of colorways, ensuring you find an option that allows you to proudly represent your team.


Affordable personalization


If you and your swim team want to get competition-ready with personalized parkas, SwimOutlet is proud to offer a high quality and affordable personalization option for all of our swim team apparel. For just an extra $10 per garment, you can get your name on the chest of your parka in either embroidery or tackle and twill. The personalization options don't end there, we also offer A3 Performance parkas with an option to customize the entire external space on the jacket with your chosen swim team logo. This option is only available for bulk orders of over 12 pieces - making it ideal for kitting out the entire swim team. These items ship in 4 to 6 weeks.


Inclusive sizing


At SwimOutlet, we understand how important it is that no one in your swim team is left out. That's why we go the extra length to offer inclusive sizing for all of our swim team apparel. All of range of swim parkas include sizes ranging from XXS to XXL. Ensure you get the right size by measuring your chest, along with the length from your shoulder to knee. Compare these measurements with the product size guide and find out the exact size for you.

Are swim parkas warm?

Swim parkas are lined with a moisture-wicking fleece, allowing swimmers to stay warm and dry between races.

Can you wash a swim parka?

It is not recommended that you wash a swim parka, but if you want to give yours a freshen up then you can hand wash it with warm water and a little detergent.

What is the point of a swim parka?

A swim parka is what a competitive swimmer puts on after their warm up or between races to stay warm. Staying warm will ensure that the swimmer's muscles stay warmed up until they have to race, allowing for the best performance.

What jackets do swimmers wear?

The jackets swimmers wear before and between races are swim parkas. These jackets are designed to keep their muscles warm so that they are ready to dive back in the water for their next race.