Women's Competition One Piece Swimsuits

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Competitive one piece swimsuits

How long do competition swimsuits last?

How long your swimwear will last depends on how frequently you use it. If you swim at an elite level and practice twice a day, your swimsuit will wear down much faster than someone who swims every other day.

How much does a competitive swimsuit cost?

The price of swimsuits ranges. The average price of a competition swimsuit at SwimOutlet.com costs between $50-$60 dollars.

What body type looks good in a one-piece swimsuit?

Because one-piece swimsuits have more coverage than your average bikini top or tankini, all body types look great in a one piece swimsuit.

What is the best swimsuit for competition?

The best swimsuit depends on your personal preference in color, style, and fit. Some of our best sellers include TYR women's swimsuits, Speedo women's swimsuits, Dolfin Uglies, and Sporti competition swimwear, just to name a few.