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Get back in tune with your true rhythm with competitive swimming.

Put the finishing touches on your top-of-the-line open water or competitive swim technique with the best swimwear and swim gear for complementing your training regime. We carry all the swimming pool essentials like goggles, swim caps, kickboards, swim fins, life jackets, and more!

From freestyle to backstroke, breaststroke to the individual medley, we’ve got fina approved swimming competition and swimwear and gear for competitive swimmers of all age groups. Whether you’re training for the Olympic games or high school, we’ve got everything you need. has new swimsuit arrivals from USA Swimming and Michael Phelps, we have the swim team swimwear and gear you need for every swim meet.

Are you more of a water sports person than a swimmer? Ditch the lane lines and freestyle races. We have the triathlon and water polo gear, surf gear, and water aerobics gear you need to create a whole new indoor pool experience. With brands like Sporti, Speedo, TYR, FINIS, and Ultraswim, we’re sure you’ll find the perfect accessories to enhance your performance and enjoyment.