It's time to make people hear what you have to say! We want you to speak loud and clear without straining your voice - and we have the perfect thing in store to make that happen.

SwimOutlet provides a large selection of lifeguard equipment for every budget you need: lifeguard chairs, lifeguard bags and lifeguard whistles.Whether you're a swimming coach, lifeguard, or someone who has very loud opinions, these sound devices will help you. And for people who don't want to talk but feel like pointing something out, we have air horns for you to use.


Little Effort, Big Voice


When you're at the pool, it may require a big effort to let people hear your voice from far across. Everyone's having a good time, swimming and splashing in the water, and there may be music blasting through the speakers. At that point, you want something that helps you project and magnifies your voice without leaving you with a sore throat after.


Make Your Point Get Across


When was the last time you shouted something, and someone heard you at the other side of the pool? It's almost impossible for that to happen - especially if we're talking about Olympic pools. 

Get your point across no matter how big the pool is with one of our megaphones.


Loud and Clear


The right megaphone won't be loud alone - but loud and clear. We don't want people to hear a big noise coming from afar - we want them to listen to what you have to say!

Our selection of megaphones includes options featuring different wattages; that way, you can pick the perfect one for you - and say what you have to say no matter what.