CPR Manikins

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CPR Manikins

Ensure your team is fully trained to clear blocked airways and save lives with SwimOutlet's affordable rescue equipment like choking manikins, oxygen unit and first aid kits from the industry's top brands. Choking is an incident that does not discriminate. It can happen at any time, in any place, and to adults, adolescents, children, and infants - and if the obstruction is not efficiently removed, choking can be fatal. Learning to aid choking victims of all ages can be the difference between a life and death situation, so make sure your team is fully clued up on their lifesaving skills by practicing with high quality, realistic dolls of all sizes.


What is a CPR mannequin?


One of the most successful methods of teaching students the skills necessary for Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) is through simulation. However, because of the risk of injury and other health complications, using live individuals for a simulation exercise is generally not recommended. This is primarily the reason why dummies or mannequins are used in training scenarios. 


A CPR manikin (also known as a CPR mannequin, CPR dummy, or a CPR doll) is a tool on which CPR trainees can practice and develop their CPR skills. It usually comes in the form of a lifelike replica of a human torso that is specially designed to accurately mimic how the human body responds when CPR is performed on them. These dummies provide instrumented feedback that tells an instructor whether a student is doing compressions correctly.


How do I become a CPR instructor?


CPR instructors can be certified under a known and credentialed organization like the American Heart Association or the Red Cross, or they can be independent (i.e. they are self-employed and do not work under organizations like the ones we mentioned above). It is quite a rewarding career choice, a high-demand job opportunity that allows for full-time and part-time employment. 


To become a CPR instructor, one must undergo a CPR instructor formal course that involves both classroom training and hands-on sessions. They must also pass the prerequisites needed to enter such a course like being over 18 years of age (some courses accept instructor-trainees as young as 16 years), a passing grade on a basic CPR skills test, and providing other necessary documents that the training center might require. 


At the end of the course, a newly-minted CPR instructor is required to know how to confidently teach CPR steps and practices to students, give demonstrations of CPR techniques on a CPR dummy, create training materials and educational resources, as well as evaluate and record students' performances. 


What are CPR manikin used for?


A CPR manikin is a necessary tool in ensuring that a student is getting the proper training in CPR. The mannequin gives trainers the ability to realistically train their students in CPR scenarios. It will help the trainer correct students' mistakes in their techniques; it will also help them be calm and mentally prepared in cases where they do actually need their training to help save the lives of other people. 


What are the best CPR mannequins?


The best choking manikins are those that provide easy-to-understand feedback regarding the CPR techniques that are performed on them. For example, some manikins may give out an audible "click" sound to indicate if a student is performing CPR at the correct compression depth; there might also be lights indicating the blood flow to the brain, heart rate, and other such indicators of a person's health status during CPR. 


Great CPR dolls should also be made out of material that is easy to clean. They will usually be used by several students, so these dummies should be easily cleaned with just a wipe of a rag and some disinfectant in between uses.