Rescue Tubes

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Rescue Tubes

Rescue Tubes


A lifeguard needs every tool they can get to keep everyone safe at the beach or the pool, and a rescue tube is a must-have in case of an emergency.

SwimOutlet provides plenty of products at a wide range of prices, so you can buy the emergency rescue equipment from rescue cans, ring buoys to oxygen units (and any other thing you want) - that way, everyone will have a safe and good time no matter where they are.


An essential item for lifeguards


Learning how to use a rescue tube is an easy feat - one that makes rescuing people underwater easier than ever before. We consider it an essential item, and that's why you will find several rescue tubes for sale in our store. We want to make essential items available for lifeguards everywhere!


Keeping everyone afloat


Making sure everyone is safe and sound is no easy task - and that's why lifeguard tubes for lifeguards are a must-have in any pool or beach. At a moment's notice, someone may need a hand - and you must have your rescue tube at a hand's reach. Browse our store and get yours today.


Rescuing made easy


You can find many options in our store, including lifeguard tubes with a brass clip. Whether you want that or something else, we hope you get the right product - so you can help everyone stay safe at the beach or the pool!

How does a rescue tube work?

A rescue tube is made of dense foam and covered in vinyl, making it buoyant enough to support several people. That makes it ideal for lifeguards who need help staying above water while they rescue someone else from drowning. There are several ways to use a rescue tube; the most common one requires the lifeguard to hand the rescue tube to the victim and help him stay calm and afloat.

How much does a rescue tube cost?

That depends! There are affordable options at around $25, and you will also stumble upon more expensive alternatives at over $60 - as well as other products in that price range. You're more than welcome to browse our store and find the right rescue tube for you!

What is a lifeguard tube?

A lifeguard tube is the same as a rescue tube - they share the same name! Some products are listed as lifeguard tubes, while others as rescue tubes. Either way, you'll soon see they are the same item with a different name. Whether you find a lifeguard tube or rescue tube, they share the same goal: helping others reach the shore safely!

What is a rescue tube used for?

A rescue tube (or rescue buoy) helps support the weight of both the rescuer and the victim in case of a rescue. Lifeguards tend to have a hard time bringing someone to the shore or edge of the pool, especially if the victim is panicking after having issues underwater - a rescue tube helps ease the situation by putting everyone above water.