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Explore our extensive selection of wetsuits at SwimOutlet, tailored to meet the needs of every water sport enthusiast. Our collection features a diverse range of wetsuits from leading brands such as TYR, 2XU, Blueseventy, Phelps, Arena, O'Neill, Rip Curl, Carve Designs, Cressi, Xcel, Level Six, AquaSphere, and Body Glove. Whether you're diving into triathlons, mastering the art of swimming, or embracing the thrill of surfing, our assortment caters to every level of performance and preference.

Our product lineup includes a variety of designs to suit your specific requirements, from full sleeve wetsuits for maximum coverage and thermal protection, sleeveless versions for greater arm mobility, to buoyancy swim shorts designed to enhance your swimming posture. Each product, such as the TYR Men's Hurricane Cat 1 Fullsleeve Triathlon Wetsuit, the Blueseventy Women's Sprint Fullsuit Tri Wetsuit, and the 2XU Men's P:1 Propel Tri Wetsuit, is meticulously crafted to offer optimal performance, flexibility, and comfort in the water.

With options available for men, women, and youth, our wetsuits are perfect for a wide array of water temperatures and activities. Whether you need a suit for warm water exploration or cold water challenges, you'll find the ideal match, characterized by specific thickness levels, from 1.5mm to 3/2mm and beyond, ensuring you stay warm without compromising on mobility.

SwimOutlet is your destination for high-quality wetsuits that blend durability, comfort, and style, making your water adventures more enjoyable and performance-driven. Discover the perfect wetsuit for your next swim, surf, or triathlon adventure with us.

How do I choose a wetsuit?

When it comes to choosing a wetsuit, there are a few things you need to take into consideration. Aside from knowing the temperature of the water you'll be swimming in (swimming in cold bodies of water would require you to have a thicker wetsuit), the type of swimming you'll be doing is also very important. If you're doing a lot of body surfing, you'll want a wetsuit that's comfortable and doesn't restrict your movement. If you're just swimming laps, you won't need as much flexibility in your wetsuit. The last thing to consider is the fit. You want a wetsuit that fits snugly but isn't too tight. If it's too loose, it will drag you down in the water. If it's too tight, it will be uncomfortable and restrict your movement. The best way to find a wetsuit that fits well is to try on a few different ones and see what feels comfortable.

What is the best thickness for a wetsuit?

The thickness level needs to be between 3mm and 5mm to allow free movement in the water.

What is the most durable wetsuit?

Neoprene is the most durable and can help with improved insulation. Also, it will stay flexible while offering a comfortable fit and preventing hypothermia.

What kind of wetsuit is best for swimming?

There are two major types of wet-suits: full-body and spring suits. Full-body wetsuits cover your entire body, while spring suits only cover your upper body.Full-body wet-suits are great for swimming in cold water, as they keep your entire body warm. They can also be helpful for swimming in rough water, as they provide more coverage and protection.Spring suits are a good option for swimming in warmer water, as they don't cover your entire body and can help you stay cooler. They're also a good choice for swimming in calmer water, as they provide less coverage and protection.So, what's the best wetsuit for swimming? It really depends on the conditions you'll be swimming in. If you're swimming in cold water, a full-body wetsuit is a good choice. Wetsuit triathlons are great choices too. If you're swimming in warmer water, a spring suit is a good option. And if you're swimming in rough or calm water, either type of wetsuit can work.