Ring Buoys

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Ring Buoys

Ring Buoys


Jumping in the pool feels fantastic - but sometimes, bad things happen in the water! It's fundamental to have the right items to help people in need, especially if they are having a hard time staying afloat.

SwimOutlet offers ring buoys for lifeguards who know how to handle themselves during a crisis - and know how much of a difference a ring buoy makes.

Whether you're in charge of safety on a boat, beach, or pool, this small buoy could save someone's life - and that's a big change.


A small piece to stay afloat


Having a type IV lifebelt placed around your pool or beach could save more than one life!

At SwimOutlet, we want you to know how important lifeguard essential items like rescue cans, rescue tubes and rescue masks are - and we cannot stress enough the importance of having them when a crisis happens on the water.

This small item can help you or others stay afloat - and bring them back to the shore.


Throw it and bring them back


We want everyone to have fun on the water, come back to rest, and do it all over again tomorrow! That's why we offer a selection of lifebuoy rings with rope, so lifeguards everywhere can always help - no matter what happens or how far someone is in trouble. And remember, at a minimum lifebelt must be at least 30-inch long - and sometimes longer if you're on a boat.


An essential part of your pool


While common on boats, a life preserver ring is also a must-have on pools and beaches. It could be the one thing that prevents a tragedy from happening. Because of that, a life ring for pools it's the one thing a lifeguard should always have within a hand's reach.

How do you make a ring buoy?

The best way to get a ring buoy is to buy one! We have a wide variety of lifebelts and other products you are more than free to choose from. Building a ring buoy requires a lot of material and time - and the end result may not be as reliable as a professional-built one.

Is a ring buoy a PFD?

Absolutely! It's a Type IV PFD (Personal Floating Device). There are five types of PFDs: the first three types are floating vests, type IV PFDs are lifebelt and type V PFDs are vests too - but they prevent hypothermia and other temperature-related ailments.

What is a ring buoy in swimming?

A ring buoy is the same in swimming as in any other activity or place: a ring-shaped floating buoy that can support the weight of someone and helps them stay afloat when they are on the water. In the case of an emergency in the pool, a lifeguard can use a ring buoy to help someone stay afloat and avoid drowning.

What is a ring buoy used for?

A ring buoy helps someone stay afloat. You will usually find ring buoys on boats, and they are there just in case someone falls into the water - that way, someone will throw a ring buoy to whoever is on the water to help them stay afloat and avoid drowning. You will also see lifebelt on pools and beaches.