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Sun Protection Clothing

Thanks to the wide range of UV protection clothing we offer here at SwimOutlet, protecting yourself from the sun doesn't have to mean compromising on style! From performance-enhancing athletic styles, to more casual fashion fits - there's really no excuse for sunburn this summer!


When it comes to sun protection, not all fabrics are created equal. Where ordinary cotton t-shirts and baseball caps are equivalent to SPF5 sunscreen, our UPF50+ clothing blocks out over 98% of UV radiation. So whether you're spending the day out at sea or want to make the most of your poolside vacation, you can rest easy knowing you're doing everything you can to protect your skin. 


Amongst our varied selection of short sleeve, long sleeve, sleeveless, and even hoodie-style sun protective clothing, you'll find world-renowned brands such as Sporti, Speedo, Rip Curl, Nike, Quiksilver, and Volcom. These brands have a longstanding reputation for quality, performance and style, and that's just as true for their sun protection clothing. Whatever your style, tastes, size, or activity - we've got the best sun protection clothing for you.


Men's sun protection shirts for swimming


While there are lots of sun protection shirts in varying styles, not all of them are designed for swimming. Luckily, SwimOutlet stocks sun protective swimming shirts in a range of colors and varying sleeve lengths. Rash guards are popular for surfing and other watersports due to their high UPF50+ protection, along with their seamless and snug fit that makes movement through the water feel effortless. Opt for men's long sleeve sun protection shirts to ensure your arms are guarded from harmful UVA and UVB rays, or go for shorter sleeve styles and use water resistant sunscreen on your arms. 


Casual and athletic styles


Playing sports or training outdoors can mean that your skin is being regularly exposed to harmful radiation. Wearing a sun protective top is one of the most effortless ways to keep harmful rays out, and SwimOutlet offers everything from sun protective t-shirts to hooded jackets. T-shirts range from second-skin fits to casual and loose looks, from long sleeves to sleeveless, from subdued tones to neon yellows and greens - there's something to suit everyone and every lifestyle.

Do UV shirts keep you cool?

Yes, UV protective shirts will not only prevent you from getting sunburnt - they'll also keep you cooler in warm weather. This is because they reflect the sun's rays away from your body, consequently absorbing less heat.

How is UPF clothing made?

UPF clothing is made with a tighter weave to fabrics like cotton and viscose in order to block the sun's rays out, and often it is made with a special UV resistant fabric.

What color shirt is best for sun protection?

Darker color fabrics are always a good option for sun protection as they absorb the sun's radiation. However, light color polyester fabrics are also highly protective as they reflect the majority of UV rays.

What do you wear for sun protection?

In addition to wearing sunscreen with a high SPF, there are certain clothes you can wear to protect yourself against the sun's harmful UVA and UVB rays. Darker colors and long sleeves provide some of the highest protection offered by regular clothes, and polyester clothing items will reflect the majority of radiation away from your skin. When looking for clothes that will protect you from the sun, look for a UPF rating of 50+ as this means the fabric blocks out over 98% of UV radiation.