Lifeguard Chairs

Lifeguard Chairs

Lifeguard Chairs


Lifeguards need to be alert and ready at all times - but that doesn't mean they should have tired legs while they wait for something to happen. Whether you're working at the pool or beach, having a lifeguard chair is a must!

SwimOutlet provides a large selection of lifeguard equipment for every budget and every need like lifeguard whistles, lifeguard bags and first aid kits. Our store has plenty of options to see where you want to sit next.

We want you to be rested and ready when you're on the job - and that's why we have these chairs here waiting for you!


Stand tall to tell what's going on


Our broad selection of lifeguard towers ranges from standard products that stand at six feet tall and other options for people who want to be a little closer to the floor while working. We also have lifeguard chairs on the larger side of things, taller than six feet tall.


Different chairs for different budgets


It's paramount that every pool has a lifeguard tower to keep everyone safe and sound. We offer a broad selection of chairs to fit different budgets because of that. You'll find anything from affordable but excellent chairs to five-star, top-rated products and everything in between.


Care meets comfort


We believe it's important for lifeguards to have comfortable lumbar support during their shifts. That's why we make an effort to offer comfortable chairs because we know you care about people swimming - and we care too!