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Swim fins are an accessory that greatly helps movement in the water and can aid in swimming, bodysurfing, scuba diving, spearfishing, and more.

Human feet weren't made to be good at swimming - they're small and provide a weak thrust (a thrust is the forward force created with each kick you make). And it becomes even more difficult when wearing something that makes your hydrodynamics worse.

And swimming fins are the solution to that - these items that resemble fins and are generally worn on the feet (though they could also be used on legs or hands) will greatly help your mobility in any underwater activity.

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Are long or short fins better for swimming?

Shorter fins will be much easier to kick with, while longer fins will be harder but will generate a stronger thrust with each kick. What this means is that you'll have to make many more kicks with a shorter fin than a long one, though each kick with the shorter fin will tire you out less.In general, shorter fins are going to be easier and less energy-consuming to use. But if you expect strong currents, the longer fin may be better as it will give you more effective mobility compared to short ones.Longer fins are generally recommended for freediving and scuba diving, since they need stronger thrusts to overcome the fact these two activities generally carry extra weight, requiring greater thrusts.Meanwhile, shorter fins are recommended for ocean swimming, lifeguard work, and bodysurfing.

Do fins help you swim better?

Absolutely! Human feet aren't exactly the greatest at swimming, but swimming fins will grant you a lot more power and speed, and mobility while on the water. Whether you're bodysurfing, scuba diving, surface swimming, or performing any other swimming-based activities, you'll do it better and easier with swimming fins.

How do I choose swim fins?

The right type of swimming fin for you will depend on your needs and on what type of activities you want to engage in.If you want to engage in the sport of finswimming, you'll want to get monofins. Unlike traditional fins which are two fins, one in each foot, this one sports a single fin connected at the foot. Monofins are also useful for freediving.If you want as much comfort as possible, you should go for open-heel fins, which have toe openings to make it more pleasant to wear and provide water drainage. They're typically used for surface swimming.For most other water activities, a traditional swimming fin will do the job just fine.

Should beginner swimmers use fins?

Absolutely. They're great for building your swimming skills and giving you extra confidence. It is important to note that you shouldn't go into dangerous waters or places with swimming fans when you're just a beginner, since you'll still need a solid foundation to prevent any accidents from happening, even if you feel more confident with them.

What size fins should I get?

At SwimOutlet we offer swim fins for kids, adults, and everything in between. All you have to do is check the size chart for the particular fin you're interested in and you'll know the right size for you.