Best Training Gear to Improve Your Speed

December 03, 2017

If you are a competitive swimmer, your number one focus is likely on your speed and improving it. While nothing can replace practice and training, there are certain kinds of gear that can help you improve your speed better than simply exercising on its own. Below are our picks for the best gear to improve your speed.

Pace Clocks

If your pool does not have a pace clock already, consider bringing your own. The idea of a pace clock is that you swim a certain amount of yards during a certain interval. By having one at the pool when you swim, you can see how well you are doing each interval, and see how you are improving and where you are struggling.

Because swimming is predominantly interval-based, a good pace clock is a must!

Tempo Trainer

Similar to a pace clock, a tempo trainer helps you establish intervals, but on a much smaller scale. A tempo trainer straps right into your goggle or cap and lets out a beep at an interval you choose. This is useful for establishing a rhythm and keeping to it. For example, you can set it to beep every second, which will help you keep your stroke steady. A steady stroke will lead to faster swim times!


Swim paddles are sure to both increase your workout and give you stronger shoulders, while also improving your stroke form. With paddles, you get a much stronger feel for the water than you otherwise would without them, and you can see where the weaknesses in your stroke are much more clearly. Better stroke will lead to more speed!

Swim Fins

While it’s unlikely you will be allowed to use swim fins in an actual swim meet, they will help you build your leg strength when you swim and, similar to paddles, help you improve your kick while you swim. They will help you build up leg strength as well, getting you that much faster in the water.


We said this above, but it stands to be said again. Your best bet at improving your swimming is to just keep practicing. Eventually, you’ll be able to swim across the water faster than ever, but only by putting in the time will you be able to get there. Gear will definitely help, but it still takes lots of practice to improve. But if you keep at it, you will be blazing through the water in no time!

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