Understanding Waterproof Cases

March 20, 2014

Understanding Waterproof Cases
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If you're in the market for a waterproof case, SwimOutlet has the products to keep your electronics safe and dry from water! There are countless benefits to purchasing an underwater case for your cell phone or MP3 player. In this guide, we'll take a look at the different types of cases, how you can put them on and why you should consider getting your own.

Underwater Protection

  • Underwater protection can be a huge asset to someone who swims on a frequent basis or for someone who enjoys being near water constantly.
  • Protecting your gadgets from H2O damage is a great way to make sure that your electronics last a much longer life.
  • Having the extra protection is great for someone who doesn't even swim often. If you're simply worried about your phone or MP3 player, then getting one that's waterproof or getting a case for it is a good way to protect from the inevitable.

Different cases for different faces

  • Phones: If you have a smartphone and you are around the pool often, then getting an underwater case for it might be a good option for you to equip yourself with.
  • Music player: For those that like to listen to music while you're swimming then having a waterproof MP3 player is an absolute must. Slip these on and you'll be sure to swim faster with the right tunes pumping.
  • Photography: Underwater cameras are another fun accessory that you can have if you enjoy swimming or taking tropical vacations. There are cameras that come equipped and prepared to be in the water, or you can encase your regular camera with a way to protect it from the water.

Helpful tip: When using your case, always check to make sure that there are no cracks anywhere on the plastic or metal. Plastic does wear down after some time so making sure that you replace your cover when you see it wearing down is extremely important.

How to Put on Your Underwater Case

  • Phone Case: With phone cases, simply find one that matches the type of phone that you have. There are ones that snap over your phone or even slip over your phone that can be sealed shut. Check out some helpful reviews to see which one is best for your phone.
  • Camera: Depending on what type of camera you have can change what case you're suing for it. The term for covering for your camera is described as housing, so when searching or checking your stores, request this and the people helping you will know just what you're referring to.
  • Music Player: As far as music players, try looking for ones that have a higher depth they can be submerged in. not only will these last longer but if you happen to drop it in the pool then your music player won't break.
  • MP3 Player: MP3 players are also easy to find for underwater use. See which has the best sound quality for underwater swimming depending on what type of activity you're doing in the water.

Owning an underwater case for your gadgets can be one of the most helpful things that you buy for yourself in the long run. The high quality cases can last for months and you won't have to worry about any type of leaking. We recommend a durable case so that in the event that your case starts wearing down, you can have time to replace it so your electronics won't get water damage. Having the right equipment in the water can be not only a fun way to change up your workout but a new way to approach your water workout every day.

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