Custom Swim Caps

About This brand

Based in Australia, CSC™ (Custom Swim Caps) gives all swimmers — from individuals to teams — the ability to design customized swim caps. From colors to names to graphics, CSC helps aquatic athletes create unique, personalized headwear for the water.

CSC caps are worn by everyone from age group swimmers to Olympians. Made of the highest quality Silicone, swimmers choose between seamless or molded models. Seamless and dome caps are both designed to reduce drag in the water, making them a great choice for swim meets and competition. Both caps designs also allow Custom Swim Caps to print on the front of the cap as well as both sides, giving athletes and coaches an even bigger "canvas" for their customized caps. Team colors, nicknames, messages — all are possible with a Custom Swim Cap.

Great for teams or special events, a customized swim cap can help young swimmers get into race-day spirit, and also help create a cohesive team atmosphere. A customized swim cap also makes a great gift for coaches or athletes, whether as a thank you at the end of the season, as a holiday gift, or before big events. CSC focuses all their energy on creating the highest-quality, best looking swim caps possible, with unparalleled results.