Brave Soldier

About This brand

For most adventurous athletes the pain of skin abrasion comes with the territory; it's just the price paid for adventure or for victory. The Brave Soldier brand began with a simple idea: create a product that would speed the healing and jagged scarring of raw and painful road rash resulting from bad crashes, hard slides, or nasty falls. Joined by his mountain-biking buddy Jeffrey Neal, Dr. Ezra Kest, an avid adventure-athlete when he's not running his dermatology clinic, embarked on this mission: to utilize his knowledge of how our skin heals itself to create a unique formula to help heal wounds faster, with less pain, and reduced keloid scarring. Beginning with a base formula he had developed for laser surgery, Dr. Kest sourced natural extracts and plants from local growers and soon developed a new formula that produced the results of quicker healing, decreased infections, reduced scarring, and very effective pain relief for road rash injuries. Today, Brave Soldier continues to use only the best ingredients in their diverse product range that includes everything from sun block to shaving cream, and their focus remains on the bedrock of the Brave Soldier brand; the healing and protection of your skin.