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Head out to the waves in a scuba wetsuit that boosts your in-water comfort and protection. No matter what activity gets you in the water, we’ve got wetsuits to suit every one of them. From surf wetsuits, triathlon wetsuits, paddle wetsuits, and scuba wetsuits, we have coverage from head to two for whatever the open water may bring. carries a wide variety of dive and scuba wetsuits that feature a plethora of details, designs, and styles. Long Johns and Short Johns are designed with a smooth, comfortable fit and offer an excellent range-of-motion for your arms. Full wetsuits provide maximum protection that is best for super cold waters. If you need more warmth or coverage, wetsuit accessories, like hoods, gloves, and booties, deliver additional insulation and protection that is ideal in freezing cold waters.

With favorite brands like TYR, Mares, HEAD, Scubamax, and Cressi, our scuba and dive wetsuit collection features a wide variety of wetsuits that suit you any time of the year. Decide which wetsuit style and features are right for you and begin your search for a new scuba wetsuit.