Why You Need a Wetsuit

December 27, 2017

If you’re prepping for a big triathlon or some other sporting event where swimming is a factor, you are probably wondering whether you need a wetsuit to compete. We’re here to say that you definitely do, if you want to perform the best you possibly can! Turns out that wetsuits offer plenty of advantages for athletes looking to shave a few seconds off their race times, and even if you are not competitive, you may find yourself still wanting one as you exercise!

Here some of the reasons why you should definitely add a wetsuit to your set of gear for any swimming-related event!


While less of an issue for swimming in a pool, if you are doing open-water swimming for any portion of your event, you will likely be shocked at just cold the water can be! Even a fairly innocent-seeming temperature of 65 degrees can be a shock to your system if you’re unprepared for it!

Wetsuits are often made of neoprene, a rubber-like material designed to keep you warm in cold waters. Depending on the thickness of the neoprene, the wetsuit will keep you warm in even frigid water! If your body is warm, you will swim better. But a wetsuit has even more tricks for those looking to swim faster…


The neoprene material often has air bubbles built in to help with the insulation to keep you warm in the water. These bubbles have an added side effect of buoyancy, allowing you to swim higher in the water. The higher you swim, the faster you will go. If you are competing in a triathlon, the easier swim will make you perform all the better in the other portions of the race.


It’s true! A wetsuit can even affect your body’s hydrodynamics in the water. Often, wetuists are coated with special finishes commonly referred to as SCS, or Super Composite Skin. These coatings can actually repel the water as you swim. This will allow you to swim even faster, and leave your non-wetsuit wearing competition in the dust!

Mental Edge

If you wear a wetsuit, you know that you are doing everything you can to have the best swim of your life. With that confidence comes a mental edge, and with a mental edge comes better performance! Do not underestimate the importance of confidence when it comes to swimming competitively. It can make or break your performance.

Get Out There!

It’s pretty clear that a wetsuit can make a big difference in your swimming performance, whether as part of a triathlon or as part of a regular swim. You will be impressed with just how much of a difference adding a wetsuit can make!

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