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Understanding Tan Thru Suits

It is that time of year when the swimsuits come out and the sweatshirts get tucked away. Once you begin shredding the layers of clothes, one of two things may cross your mind. First, you think that you need to submerge yourself in sunscreen. Second, you need to work on your tan. Most sunbathers are unhappy with the taunting tan-lines produced after a day under the sun. Today, we are given the option to choose a swimsuit that offers a flattering fit without having to worry about those lingering lines. The revolutionary "tan thru" swimsuits allow women to feel comfortable soaking up the sun, all while achieving that summertime glow. Here's how:

Tan thru swimwear is a new and innovative addition to the bathing suit family. The concept of the swim suit lies solely in a fabric that has been patented worldwide, which contains microscopic pores allowing the sun rays to shimmy in. This magic fabric allows up to 80% of the sun's rays to penetrate through, designed to help you achieve your golden brown tan. This fabric can be found in an array of one-pieces and bikinis to help maximize on the sunshine and minimize your tan-lines. These beach bum benefits allow women to maintain an even tan and perfect pigmentation without baring all throughout the sunny seasons.

To allow the science of the sun exposure, many, many microscopic pores are vital. These holes in the fabric cause a sense of transparency when the swimsuit is held up to the light. In order to preserve your dignity and maintain modesty, many tan thru suits are designed in vibrant prints and bold colors. These are used to distract the eye and contradict the otherwise transparent material. When the special prints are worn against the skin, they work in alliance to create coverage and concede the sun rays.

However, with the thrill of the revolutionary tan comes a precaution. Due to these sun absorbent features, additional sun protection is highly recommended. Since every part of your body is essentially being exposed to the sun, it is important to take that in to consideration when applying sun screen. Tan through swimwear provides little sun protection equivalent to minimal levels of sunscreen, depending on how much the fabric is stretched. Mix your favorite tan thru swim suit with an appropriate level of SPF and you'll be on your way to a beautiful bronze.

This revolution in swimwear is changing how suntan enthusiasts prepare for a day in the sun. Women are now able to feel comfortable, confident, and covered while enriching an even golden tan. When you are headed out for a day of soaking up the sun, lather up in sunscreen, reapply as needed, and let the swimsuit and sunshine work their magic!

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6 months ago.
Hi, I'm a surfer and I would love to be able to tan my arms seeing that I wear long sleeves. Do you sell long sleeve tops or 1 piece longsleeve swimwear? Thank you
5 months ago.
Hi Lynn I just purchased a long sleeve swimsuit from Blankkini and it works amazing! All their swimsuits are tan through, they look and feel great!
7 months ago.
I am a lifeguard and am looking to find a guarding tan thru suit because I am unable to wear a two piece to get my belly tan. Any help is appreciated:)
Julie M
8 months ago.
My husband and I like the idea of tan through swimwear, He usually wears a hipster type. Are these likely to be more revealing than normal? He’s pretty small and is concerned that they’ll be very revealing. His usual ones are lined, which help hide his shortcomings.
8 months ago.
Hi Julie!

Nowadays, hipster type suits are kind of revealing but mostly are lined.
1 year ago.
I want a tan through swimsuit but can’t find anyone who sells a small enough swimsuit for my size and figure. I’m normally wear size XS/0. I’m 4’ 11” tall. Can I have a one piece swimsuit made for my size?
1 year ago.
Hi Jen!

We recommend the Solar Tan Thru Paisley V-Neck One Piece Swimsuit. Forthe right fit, please compare your measurements to the sizing guide here -
Shanda M. White
1 year ago.
Do you sell the tan through swim wear in stores in the US?
1 year ago.
Hi Shanda,

We do not have physical stores at the moment. Everything is online.
brook chiba
2 years ago.
I had a speedo-type mens tan thru suit years ago, when will you make these?
2 years ago.
Hi Brook,

Unfortunately, we do not have specific date as to when we will have an in- house brand for men's tan thru suits.
Lynn B
1 year ago.
TanThrough carries men's speedos.
2 years ago.

I am doing research about this fabric. Could you provide me with informations about manufacturing process and composition?
Thank you
2 years ago.
Hi Kim,

The fabric that is used for tan thru suits on our website is made from 73% Polyamide/27% Elastane. Manufacturing process is protected by vendor manufacturer confidentiality agreement.
Randy Thompson
3 years ago.
Are there any solid white women's bathing suits?
3 years ago.
Hello Randy,
No, what makes the fabric not to be see through when worn cannot be recreated with solid colors unfortunately.
3 years ago.
i need a tan through one piece in black or colorful solid colors. can this be possible to get?
3 years ago.
Hello Alejandra!
No, what makes the fabric not to be see through when worn cannot be recreated with solid colors unfortunately.
3 years ago.
Are these tan through suits see through at all?
3 years ago.
Hi Samantha,
There is a sense of transparency when tan thru suits are held up to the light.
4 years ago.
i would like to buy this tan threw fabric please let me no what is the fabric
4 years ago.
Hi Thomas,
The fabric used on these swimsuits is 73% Polyamide/27% Elastane. Have a great day!
4 years ago.
I'm doing my project completion of fashion design course, on this tissue tan thru. I need more information about this tissue solar, manufacturing process, composition, commercial names. I hope you can help me with more information. thanks
4 years ago.
Hi Paloma, We appreciate your request. I have forwarded your inquiry and contact information to the appropriate department. In the event that there is interest in your request, you'll receive follow up information. Have a great day!
Jeff Berger
4 years ago.
When will you? Many others already do.
4 years ago.
Hi Jeff,
We currently do not have an estimate date of when we will carry them in Men's. We apologize for the inconvenience!
Paloma Costa Carvalho
4 years ago.
which fabric name?
4 years ago.
Hi Paloma,
The fabric is 73% Polyamide/27% Elastane. If you'd like to view the options we offer with this material, please copy and paste the following link to your browser:

I hope this helps. Have a great day!
5 years ago.
mens tanning shorts??
5 years ago.
Hi Lorenz,
No, we do not carry Tan Thru swimwear for men yet. Let us know if you have any other questions. Have a great day!
Lisa Choate
4 years ago.
I am looking for someone that will work with my salon on wholesale of these suits. Would like to display these suits in my salon, think they would be a success. Would like to get a couple different styles and discriprion brochures on suits, and see if my customers show any interest. Does anyone know who I would contact?
4 years ago.
Hi Lisa,
I'm sorry we are unable to provide contact information at this time.
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