Samsung Galaxy Watch
5 Review Stars By Tmk 11/20/2020


I might be wrong, but.this watch is just water resistant and does not keep track of laps etc.?

Bettertimes Lap Counter
5 Review Stars By CCHS swimming 11/2/2020

Great product

Wonderful product.
Very sturdy and for the description perfectly.

FINIS Tempo Trainer Pro
5 Review Stars By martinmick 9/25/2020

Great Training Aid!

This little guy is great! Helps you stay focused on your stroke rate. If you're an open water swimmer like I am, this helps keep you on pace. Also, it seems to alleviate some of the anxiety of swimming in the ocean.

It has 3 modes, but I just use the first one. It will beep like a metronome at a pace that you set. You will learn how to use it in about a minute. Oh, and it's super easy to stick under your cap and will stay put even in big waves.

Fitness Technologies uWaterK7 Waterproof Digital PPL FM Radio
5 Review Stars By Pamela D. 9/13/2020

I'am trying to return this unused. Bad static and clip comes off.

Unused. Bad static and clip comes off.


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