How to Put on a Swim Cap Without Pulling Your Hair

January 22, 2024

a Swim Cap Without Pulling Your Hair

Most swim caps are made of either latex or silicone, which tend to stick to dry hair. Putting on a swim cap without pulling or snagging hair is a challenge, but the following tips can help avoid this discomfort. These tips will also prevent you from damaging the cap.

Stretch It Wide to Avoid Pulling Your Hair

If putting a cap on by yourself, make sure your hair is already twisted or gathered close to your head. Put your hands inside the cap and stretch it open as wide as possible. Lower it onto your head, let the front catch on your forehead, and then pull it down to cover the rest of your hair.

Get Your Hair Wet

Since cap the material slides more easily over wet strands of hair, dunk your head in the pool or give it a shower before putting on your cap. You can also coat your hair with leave-in conditioner to further protect it. Always wetting (or conditioning) your hair before putting on your swim cap will save you lots of time, pain, and broken caps!

Enlist a Friend

A friend's assistance can help stretch the cap out wide enough to avoid catching any hair as you fit it over your head. You should hold the front of your cap at your forehead while your friend uses both hands to stretch the cap open and pull it over your head.

Try a Different Cap

If you've been using latex caps, try a silicone or even a LYCRA® one. They're made of softer material and may not pull your hair as much. Some swimmers even layer a rubber cap over a LYCRA® one. The LYCRA® cap easily contains their hair and makes it easier to put on the latex or silicone cap.

Treat Your Cap Gently

Swim caps are somewhat delicate, and a small rip or hole will quickly turn into a big one. Avoid using your fingernails when pulling on the cap, and if you need to tug it into place do so gently. A little care when putting on and adjusting your cap makes a big difference. After a bit of practice, you'll figure out how to quickly and cleanly put on a swim cap without pulling your hair.

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