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About This brand

Sharkbanz use magnetic technology as a shark deterrent for peace of mind in the ocean. Whether you are a frequent beach goer, surfer, scuba diver, or just afraid of shark attacks, Sharkbanz technology is a simple, effective, and affordable solution.
The watch-like band features a universal fit and ergonomic design, while invisible electroreceptors are used to deter sharks.
Through extensive research, marine biologists have found that many predatory shark species like bull sharks, great white sharks, hammerhead sharks, tiger sharks, and reef sharks are sensitive to strong magnets and magnetic fields.
The shark deterrent technology in Sharkbanz products is based on this concept. Using an electromagnetic field, Sharkbanz wearers send out signals into the water which is a safe and natural shark repellent.
Nathan Garrison, surfer and co-founder of Sharkbanz, has spent years worrying about shark bites so he decided to do something about it! Creating an effective shark deterrent took years of testing and development, but now, the shark repellent bracelet is a must-have for surfers, divers, fishing crews, and more!