How to Care for Rashguards

After spending a day in the sand and surfing the waves in the sun, it's probably our first inclination to strip off our wet and worn gear, throw it in a dirty clothes hamper and worry about it later. As easy as that sounds, it’s not in the best interest of your gear like rashguards. In order for rashguards to last long and perform at their maximum capacity, they need to be washed and cared for properly. Here are some easy steps to take to preserve the life of your rashies:


  • After wearing, immediately rinse your gear with fresh water.
  • NEVER wad up your rashguard and throw it in the trunk to bake. Rinse it immediately even if you never get around to washing the gear. Sun, salt and chlorine will take a toll on the fabric so get it out as soon as possible!

    Washing & Drying

  • Do not use hot water! This can damage your rashies. Instead, use cool or tepid water.
  • Never wash your rashguard in a washer or with other garments. Always wash by hand.
  • Use a biodegradable soap that will help remove salt, chlorine and organic residues. Never use bleach or any harsh cleaner.
  • Turn your rash gear inside out when washing.
  • Never place the gear in a dryer! The best way to dry your rashguards is to hang them to drip dry away from direct heat and sun.
  • Turn your rash gear inside out when drying.


  • Use a heavy, padded hanger to store your rashguards. Never use a flimsy wire hanger.
  • Store on a hanger or flat - do not fold or cram into a drawer because it can weaken fabric.

    General Care:

  • To remove strong odors, fill a sink or bucket with cool water and add one cup of baking soda. Allow the rash guard to soak overnight. Then rinse with cool water and dry in a breezy spot.
  • Never iron rashguards! High heat is damaging to rashguard fabrics and should always be avoided.
  • Stay away from oil, gasoline, chemical solvents and aerosols because the stains are impossible to remove and will weaken the fabric.

When you spend the extra time to care for your surf gear properly, you'll find it not only lasts longer, but it maintains its color and wear much longer. When you invest in the best rashguards, you want to make sure to get the most our of your investment. With simple steps such as the ones above, your rashguard will look new even months after it's been used!

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