Big Mouth Toys

About This brand

Currently BigMouth Inc. boasts over 500 products and has thousands of customers around the globe both large and small. 12 dedicated employees at our corporate office in Glastonbury, CT handle Product Development, Sales & Marketing, Customer Service, Graphic Design, and Inventory & Logistics. We use a 3rd party partner just 10 minutes away in Berlin, CT to warehouse, and ship our goods. BigMouth Inc. is distinctive in many ways, but what sets apart from most gift companies is that our merchandise is totally unique and never rebranded off the shelf items.

Each style we produce is designed and hand sketched before being transported to our partners in China or India to make hand samples. The select group of manufacturers we use make the samples and we carefully review each detail often repeating the process 5 or 6 times before being ready to begin final production. BigMouth Inc. employs strict manufacturing standards, including stringent safety testing. Once we have finalized the product, our staff artists develop the attractive packaging. Only then is the design ready to be called a BigMouth Inc. product with each style creating hours of laughs and enjoyment for our customers.