Beach Bunny

About This brand

With all the elements of a classic fairytale, it's playful, adventurous and undeniably luxurious. But most of all, it's fun and since its debut in 2004, Beach Bunny has become an international sensation.

The Beach Bunny customer knows that with a Beach Bunny swimsuit and a smile, she can go anywhere and feel like a goddess. You'll see her preening at pool parties in South Beach, sunning on the sands of Malibu and striking a pose on the super yachts of St. Barts. Yet she's equally at ease at her girlfriend's backyard bash. Whether in their early 20s or late 40s, college graduates or corporate VIPs, Beach Bunny is designed for couture-conscious women who are ahead of the curve. The brand's flirty-fun attitude-daring, confident, independent and ripe with feminine allure-is a celebration of each woman's own unique spirit.

Former swimwear model Angela Chittenden founded Beach Bunny in 2004 after noticing a gap in the swimwear world. Angela had the change to wear hundreds of different suits, yet none of them felt right. They were either too conservative or they weren’t very classy. There was nothing out there that was both sexy and elegant. So, she decided to design it herself. She experimented with sexy cuts, unique fabrics, and added embellishments and hardware no one had ever though to add to swimsuits before.

With an exceptional brand comes an equally extraordinary shopping experience, one that elicits rave reviews from patrons and press alike. From its first branded boutique in Scottsdale, AZ, to the long-awaited flagship store in Newport Beach, CA, to debuts among the posh fashion houses of Robertson Blvd in Los Angeles, Miami and The Dubai Mall, enter a Beach Bunny boutique and be transported to a seductive multi-million dollar yacht decked in teak woods and contemporary eye candy. Each Beach Bunny swimsuit is sold separately to flatter every figure, promising the perfect curve-hugging fit and reinforcing every client's belief-rightly so-that no two women are created equally. Beach Bunny Swimwear is still family-run and all designed, created, and hand-sewn in the USA.