Cammile Adams With Five Tips to Put on a Tech Suit

2020 Jan | By

by Cammile Adams, 2-time Olympian

I have tried on quite a few tech suits over the years and while writing this year's 2020 SwimOutlet Tech Suit Review, I thought I would include a few tips for females when trying tech suits on for the first time.

SwimOutlet has some great guides with information on tech suits in general that are worth checking out, including one on How to Put on a Women's Tech Suit, so here are my personal tips!

1) Try the suit on before going to the pool and plan plenty of time in air conditioning. The suits are easier to get on over time, but the first time, most of these suits will feel extremely tight. Do your best to not get frustrated. Turn on a movie, have a snack and plan to take your time.

2) Do your best to keep your nails short when getting ready for tech suit season. When trying the suit on, make sure to not pull the suit up with your nails, pull the suit on with your fingers instead to help protect the suit, especially in the hips.

3) Sometimes, baby powder can help the suit slide on, especially on the hips. Carrying a small little bottle in your bag will at least give you the option if your struggling.

4) If you have lots of suits to try on, you might want to get latex gloves. That will help protect the skin on your knuckles. If you do break the skin on your knuckles, Neosporin helps heal the blister very quickly.

5) Always get someone to help you put the straps on. Be very careful to not pull them too far away from the body, you do not want the straps to rip while pulling them on. 

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