10 Things We Love Most About Our Swim Team

July 29, 2021

10 Things We Love Most About Our Swim Team
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Yes, we can all admit this year has dried out our gills. Do not fear! The swim season is here! While attempting to stay in shape during this time of quarantine-ing, and now that we are back, it’s left us swimmers reminiscing on what we love most about our cute suits we get to wear, feeling fast in the water, racing, having fun, and most importantly our swim team. 

1. Putting together tunes with your teammates 

Music is something that most swimmers use to pump themselves up! Remember when we all are together at meets creating the best playlists to get ready for our event? Then of course blasting it on our speakers so everyone could hear but it would ultimately get soaked with water by someone! 

2. Road trips to swim meets

Ah... Road trips with your team, now that's where the funny memories are made. Whether it's playing loud music on the radio just to annoy your coach, or having dance-offs on the bus on your way to a dual meet. Wherever you’re going, it’s always more fun when you are on the road with your team.

3. Having your lane buddies 

We all have that one lane buddy that we HAVE to swim next to every practice. You know that feeling when you come to practice and you see your lane buddy put your gear bag in the same lane... That’s your hype man/woman, friend, teammate, and that one person that reminds you if we’re leaving on the top or bottom. OH, and matching suit Wednesdays, duh. What would we do without them? 


4. Winning get-out swims 

Get-out swims don’t happen often...but when they do, it’s game-time. The whole team lights up and gets loud! It’s time to cheer for that one friend taking one for the team. As we gather outside of the pool, watching our teammate wait for instruction from our coach, everyone screams! Eager to help motivate them to swim as fast as they can, so we can all get out of practice.


5. Team Cheers 

“I believe that we will WIN!” Cheering is something that is PIVOTAL in our sport. We are constantly cheering, motivating, and gearing our swimmers up for their event or even in practice. Two cheers for team cheers!


6. Inside jokes about your coach 

You know, you’re with this person every day, even 4 hours a day sometimes. Swimmers get to know their coaches on a different level. Picking up coaches' quirks is every swimmer's favorite pastime. Whether it’s on the wall, in between sets, you name it. It’s fun to make jokes about your coach and how he cheers with that loud whistle….etc… Don’t worry coaches, you know you love messing with us too.

7. Locker room chats with your teammates 

Locker room chats are sacred, what happens in the locker room stays in the locker room….Well…. Nothing really crazy happens, except for an extreme amount of napping going on. The locker room is also a safe place for taking a breather from doing the 100x100s set your coach just announced.

8. Relays 

RELAYS! Who likes practicing relay starts? Aren’t they the most fun thing to do at practice? You get to be out of the water with your friends, and hyping each other on who has the fastest relay transition.

9.Waiting for our events under our tents 

Just picture it, we’re all bundled up in our parkas and towels, patiently waiting for our event and heat to come up next. Hanging out under the tents, or on the bleachers at swim meets with your friends. Now this is where the most bonding happens!

10. Team Dinners 

Normally team dinners happen before a big meet, or after. A time for all of us to reflect on all the accomplishments, and memories made. These are the moments where we come together as one team, who have trained the whole season together for one purpose; to win and have fun.

With all of that being said, take the time to tell your team how much you love them! Before you know it, you'll all be off in the big real world with families and careers. Cherish every moment spent with your team and coaches, so you will never leave a moment unforgotten.


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