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You don’t typically wear the same clothes for work that you do to work out in. The same goes for sunglasses. Different sports require different lenses to combat harmful UV rays while also benefiting from what sport-specific shades can offer. Cyclists, for example, often seek out sunglasses with anti-fog lenses and lightweight frames with side vents for sweat. Someone involved in water sports would want polarized lenses to reduce glare. A trail runner would not because the polarization would eliminate telling shadows and increase the athlete’s likelihood of tripping.

If your sport requires you to see as much as possible, you might profit from high-wrap sunglasses that increase peripheral vision. Or, you could need a lens that lowers contrast to allow you to focus better on your activity.

Whatever your sport requires of you, sunglasses can help you up your GAME while doing their duty to protect your eyes. Forgo one pair to suit casual wear and athletics. Choose from our selection of sport sunglasses from quality brands like Nike, Oakley and Tifosi for frames that fit your face and your active lifestyle.