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USMS Holiday Gift Set
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What even is a novelty? A novelty has a quality of newness about it, something unique, original or striking. It could even be the experience of a new cultural phenomenon, or in our case, swim culture. Something unusual and fun lies in our collection of swim-themed novelty items. Maybe the swim aspect of these assorted products is what makes them novelties. Who else but swimmers would get a kick out of fin keychains and pillowcases for wet hair?

If you’re not solely a swimmer, but the water remains integral to your lifestyle, don’t worry. We have water polo and triathlon-themed items too. Or you might be the parent of a swimmer—we’ve got you covered there too. Our novelty selection includes cups, stickers, ornaments and tattoos for the aquatic elements of your life. Enjoy the little marvels that nod at what you love. Check out our trinkets from brands like Bay Six, H2O Toos, DryZzz and Take Your Mark Sports.