GU Energy Gel (24 Pack)
5 Review Stars By Mike 8/27/2020

This is my go to gel

works as advertised, tastes great.

Nuun Sport Hydration Tablets (8 Pack)
5 Review Stars By Sondra Marnin 3/18/2020


I love this product I workout a lot so it quite a bit it tastes amazing .i love that the tablets at in a small compact container just stick it in your bag an go when needed jus put tablets in water and let it dissolve.

Clif Shot - Energy Gel (24 Pack)
5 Review Stars By mxblues98 1/8/2020

Great product

Love the flavor-just enough caffeine for the long workouts and the best part is
the fact the top stays attached so less chasing of waste when you open it.

IM Performance Nutrition Essential Electrolytes  Drink Mix (30 Servings)
5 Review Stars By Andrea 12/10/2018

Best tasting electrolyte ever made! SERIOUS!

I love this electrolyte. My kids have no problem drinking this and the best is that it is natural ingredients but tastes so good. I have tried so many electrolytes and they are too sugary or too salty. This is a perfect mix.


Nutrition has always gone hand in hand with exercising because it fuels your body to perform well and stay active. There exist many nutritional foods made specifically for athletes, and you can experiment to see what your body performs best with. So long as you feeding your body what it needs, you'll be prepared for any workout routine.

SwimOutlet features many different types of nutrition choices with options for everybody. Energy bars work great for an outdoor hike or run; you can store them in your backpack and munch on them throughout your journey. Energy gels are fast, effective ways to bring your energy up during a high intensity workout. Supplements are always a great option if you want to add some extra vitamins to your morning smoothie while recovery drinks offer a fast way to intake electrolytes. Whatever activity you're participating in, making sure you're well stocked in the latest sport nutrition foods is just as important as the gear you're wearing. Find all the nutrition foods you need from quality brands like PowerBar, GLUKOS, MRM, Picky Bars and Gu.