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Speedo Vanquishers are one of Speedo's most beloved goggle models, and it's not hard to see why. Easily-customizable, with crystal clear lenses, and an incredibly comfortable fit, these reliable goggles continue to be the favorite, year after year, of swimmers of all ages and ability levels.

Vanquishers come with the option of mirrored lenses that reduce glare and provide 95+ UV protection (for swimmers in outdoor pools or open water), or clear lenses for swims during dark hours or swimmers in indoor pools. All lenses are anti-fog and offer excellent peripheral vision despite their low profile. Prescription lenses are available for swimmers who wear corrective eyewear outside of the pool. Soft silicone gaskets provide a watertight seal around the eyes, while a dual-length strap helps distribute pressure over the head. Vanquishers are durable; in the event that a nosepiece or strap does break, they are easy for the user to replace without having to purchase an entirely new set of goggles. All Vanquishers are PVC and Latex-free.

Vanquishers come in several models: Women's Vanquishers, Jr. Vanquishers, and Vanquisher 2.0s, all with multiple color selections and lens styles. Models for women and children are designed to fit their unique facial profiles, and Vanquisher 2.0s offer a nearly universal fit. An easily-adjustable head strap and 4 different nosepiece options help users further customize their fit. Vanquishers perfectly balance comfort and speed, making them the goggle of choice for both racing and practice. Speedo is known for its industry-leading designs and swimsuit technology, and when it comes to goggles, Speedo's Vanquishers remain at the head of the pack.