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Essential to the endurance athlete, protein increases muscle mass and strength. It should be incorporated into a healthy, balanced diet for fueling athletic performance and recovering post-activity. Out of the organic substances an athlete needs most, protein stands out among the rest. 

To supply yourself with adequate protein throughout the day, look into protein-infused snacks or bars. They shouldn't be taken right before a workout, but earlier so your body has a chance to get the nutrients into your system. Protein is one of the key hunger-satisfying nutrients to the active and non-active person with complete proteins gained from meals providing what the body needs. Immediately after a workout or competition is the best time to replenish what the body lost, but whipping out a balanced meal within that narrow time window is near impossible. Having quick, easy access to protein through a shake or other supplement lets you jump right into recovery.  

Stock up on protein in the form of bars, powders, shakes and snacks. All our protein powders come from devoted, well-researched brands like CytoSport, MRM, Quest Bars and Jarrow Formulas